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Site and External Events Design Review Service (SEED)

SEED is a bundled service designed to assist the IAEA’s Member States through the different stages of nuclear installation site selection, site assessment, and design of structures, systems and components, taking into consideration site-specific external and internal hazards.

On official request from a Member State, SEED provides an independent review of site evaluation and safety design of a nuclear installation against the demands posed by external natural and human induced hazards, as well as internal ones. The service consists of the following six modules, out of which the requesting Member State can select one or more depending on needs.

Module 1 - Review on Site and Design Safety Regulations

Reviews on conformance of national regulations for siting and design of nuclear installations with the IAEA Safety Standards.

Module 2 - Review of the Site Selection Process

Reviews on the process related to safety to select a suitable site for a nuclear installation. The process aims at assessing those site-related factors, which ensure that the combination of site and installation does not pose an unacceptable risk to people and the environment over the lifetime of the installation.

Module 3 - Site Evaluation Review

Includes an independent review of the adherence to IAEA safety requirements and the level of detail in site investigation to establish the site's capacities to support the installation's design needs. Also reviews the application of management systems and quality assurance programme in site evaluation.

Module 4 - Environmental Impact Assessment Review

Reviews the adherence to IAEA environmental impact assessment requirements covering collection and analysis of data, analysis of impacts, mitigation of impacts and environmental monitoring programmes.

Module 5 - Site Monitoring Review

Reviews methodologies and plans of monitoring of safety-related site characteristics and external natural and human-induced hazards covering both pre-operational and operational stages of monitoring programmes.

Module 6 - Safety Review of Structures, Systems and Components against External Hazards

Reviews the adherence to the IAEA safety requirements in the design of an installation’s structures, systems and components to meet the demands of a site-specific hazard. It covers assessments of design, safety margins and probabilistic safety assessment against external events.

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