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Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS)

The Integrated Regulatory Review Service helps host States strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of their regulatory infrastructure for nuclear, radiation, radioactive waste and transport safety.

The service offers an integrated approach to the review of common aspects of any State’s national, legal and governmental framework and regulatory infrastructure for safety. The IRRS regulatory review process provides a peer review of both regulatory technical and policy issues and is suitable for any State, regardless of the level of development of its activities and practices that involve ionizing radiation or a nuclear programme.

IRRS teams evaluate a State’s regulatory infrastructure for safety against IAEA safety standards. The teams compile their findings in reports that provide recommendations and suggestions for improvement, and note good practices that can be adapted for use elsewhere to strengthen safety. Mission reports describe the effectiveness of the regulatory oversight of nuclear, radiation, radioactive waste and transport safety and highlight how it can be further strengthened.

States that have requested an IRRS mission prepare by conducting a self-assessment using an IAEA-developed methodology and software tool (eSARIS). During preparations, the IAEA and the host country meet to agree on the scope of the mission, including by defining which regulated facilities and activities will be reviewed.

States that host IRRS missions are encouraged to invite a follow-up mission no later than four years after the initial mission to review progress in implementing the suggestions and recommendations. IRRS missions provide hosts and reviewers an opportunity to exchange professional experience. Team members – experts in their fields - are recruited from Member States and bring insights from the missions to their countries.

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