Working at the IAEA

The IAEA offers a dynamic, multicultural work environment. Its staff comes from over 100 countries and works in a wide range of technical and scientific fields.

The IAEA has a world-class, diverse and multi-disciplinary workforce. With more than 2,500 staff working in a wide range of nuclear and related disciplines, it draws on their expertise to ensure the peaceful use of nuclear material and application of nuclear techniques for sustainable development.

The Agency’s Headquarters is in Vienna, Austria, where the majority of staff is located. The IAEA also maintains regional offices in Toronto and Tokyo, liaison offices in New York and Geneva, and research laboratories in Seibersdorf, Austria, and in Monaco.

The IAEA offers a variety of work arrangements to meet the needs of its diverse staff. This includes flexible working hours, part-time work and job-sharing arrangements. The IAEA has a generous benefits and entitlements package, including paid time off, parental leave, health insurance, a pension programme, education grants, and other benefits, which are determined by type of contract.

IAEA Competency Framework

The IAEA Competency Framework is a model that broadly describes performance excellence within the Agency. It includes a number of competencies that are applied to multiple occupational roles within the organization. Each competency defines, in generic terms, excellence in working behaviour; this definition then establishes the benchmark against which staff are assessed. This competency framework communicates which behaviours are required, valued, recognized and rewarded with respect to specific occupational roles. It is used in the life cycle of employment, including recruitment and is an integral part of the job description.

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