Webinars on Employment Opportunities

The Webinar Outreach Programme provides information about the recruitment process and opportunities at the IAEA to potential applicants across Member States. The programme consists of a series of webinars dedicated to promoting the IAEA as an employer of choice, particularly among niche professionals from developing countries and qualified women, and to demystify the application process. The programme has received the “Innovation in Recruitment Award” in 2016 by the Career Development Roundtable, the largest Human Resources conference among multilateral organizations across the globe. While attending our webinar does not guarantee any specific application outcome, participants may benefit from the best practice advice provided by our recruiters.

Past webinars

Internship Opportunities at the IAEA

The IAEA internship programme provides people studying towards a university degree or who have recently received a degree with the opportunity to gain practical work experience in relevant to their studies or interests, and exposes them to the work of the Agency and the United Nations. At the same time, it benefits the IAEA and its programmatic work to obtain the assistance of qualified students specialized in various professional fields. During this webinar, interns themselves will talk about the ins and outs of the internship programme, the application process and their experiences.

How to Prepare a Job Application for the IAEA

During this webinar, recruiters walk potential candidates through the  IAEA's application process and our Applicant Tracking System (Taleo). We also provide participants tips on how to create an impactful application, understand the job description, describe their achievements, write a cover letter and sign up for job updates relevant to their areas of interest. Tristan Bauswein, Chief Financial Officer is one of the panelists. Questions are answered at the end of the event via chat.

Preparing for a Video Pre-Screening Interview

During this webinar, recruiters provide information about why and how we use this pre-screening method and give useful tips to help candidates become more comfortable with this recruitment step. As the name implies, video pre-screenings at the IAEA are used for pre-screening purposes only, and are not a substitute for interview panels. They help hiring managers and recruiters make decisions regarding which candidatures to move forward in the process.

Preparing for an Interview at the IAEA

During this webinar, recruiters provide an introduction to our recruitment process, describe the typical interview format, explain why we use panel interviews, provide examples of typical general questions including competency-based question, and guide participants on how to best present their professional selves.

Women at the IAEA: Focus on Scientific and Technical Opportunities

This webinar is designed to introduce key female professionals to a worldwide audience of qualified women interested in joining our organization. During this webinar, IAEA staff talk about their experiences as international civil servants, their work at the IAEA and provide some career advice for aspiring professionals.

Employment Opportunities at the IAEA (In French)

Le but de ce webinaire en français est d’informer les candidats sur les opportunités d’emploi à l’AEIA.  Lors de cette présentation, les intervenants de la Division des Ressources Humaines ainsi que d’autres interlocuteurs donneront un aperçu des services de l’AIEA et expliqueront les modalités de recrutement.

IT Job Opportunities at the IAEA

During this webinar, IT staff talk about their roles at the International Atomic Energy Agency and describe opportunities for IT professionals at the IAEA. Staff also elaborate on their career trajectories, why they chose the IAEA as an employer and provide some career advice to potential applicants. Jeff Model, IAEA's Chief Information Officer (Director, Division of Information Technology) and other staff are part of the panel.

Engineering Job Opportunities at the IAEA

This webinar is designed to promote our opportunities to professionals in multiple specialties within engineering. During this webinar, staff and recruiters briefly introduce the IAEA departments, speak about their careers and provide advice to potential applicants.


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