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24 May 2016 News Story

From Uranium Mine to Fishing Lake: Environmental Remediation in France's Limousin Region

Artificial lakes, fishing spots and solar farms dot the landscape in France’s Limousin region, where uranium operations have gradually come to an end.

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23 May 2016 Press Release

IAEA Helps Bulgaria Tackle Cattle Disease with Nuclear-Derived Technique

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is providing laboratory support and expertise to help Bulgaria battle a cattle disease that can cause significant economic losses to farmers.

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23 May 2016 News Story

Safe Closure and Cleanup: International Conference on Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Opens in Madrid

Safe decommissioning of nuclear facilities and remediation of radioactively contaminated sites present major challenges.

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20 May 2016 News Story

Environmental Protection Key for Nuclear Power Programmes, IAEA Meeting Discusses

Protecting the environment when developing a new nuclear power programme is one of the key issues that nuclear newcomer countries face.

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20 May 2016 News Story

Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation: IAEA Conference to Start on Monday

Nuclear decommissioning and environmental remediation share a common objective: to reduce radiation exposure to people and the environment at sites where radioactivity levels require restrictions in their use.

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19 May 2016 News Story

Ten New Nuclear Power Reactors Connected to Grid in 2015, Highest Number Since 1990

Ten new reactors were connected to the grid in 2015, the highest number since 1990, according to the 2016 edition of ‘Nuclear Power Reactors in the World’, published last week.

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19 May 2016 News Story

Over 100 Disused Radioactive Sources Removed from Irradiation Facilities in Uzbekistan

The successful removal of over one hundred disused radioactive sources from two irradiation facilities located at the “FOTON” nuclear site in Tashkent, Uzbekistan was completed last month with IAEA support.

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13 May 2016 News Story

Japanese Labs Reliable in Analysing Seawater, Sediment and Fish Samples Near Fukushima, IAEA Report Finds

Japanese laboratories working for the country’s government, and tested by the IAEA, have produced reliable data on the level of radionuclides in seawater, sediment and fish samples collected near Fukushima, according to a report released last month.

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