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Integrated Management System Harmonizes Radiation Safety, Security Objectives

"Todo está bajo control. (Everything is under control.)” These were the closing words of the last of four scenarios of an audio exercise played at a workshop on the radiation safety and security of radioactive material, delivered in Spanish. Read more →

Scientists studied the migration of six butterflies with isotopes
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Mexico: Butterfly Migration of Six Species Studied Using IAEA Data

Thanks to an IAEA database and the use of stable isotope methods, scientists can determine the migration path of several types of insects, including butterflies. Read more →

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IAEA Study Finds Global Gaps in Radiotherapy Services for Childhood Cancers, Sees Opportunity to Improve Clinical Practices

A survey carried out by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reviewed radiotherapy services to treat children's cancers around the world, finding disparities in the availability of machines and qualified professionals but also noting clinical practices that could help improve children's survival rates in low income countries. Read more →

Wearing lead aprons reduces the exposure of veterinary surgeons and of helpers when performing equine bone scintigraphy
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IAEA Releases New Safety Report for Veterinarians Using Radiation

Animals, whether domesticated or wild, bring unique challenges to the field of radiation protection. Naturally, animals don’t tend to cooperate and veterinary professionals need special techniques to assure clear medical imaging or effective treatment. Read more →

A disused sealed radioactive source loaded safely and securely for international transport
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IAEA Facilitates Safe and Secure Removal of Disused Sealed Radioactive Source in Bahrain

A disused sealed radioactive source (DSRS) has been successfully removed from a public hospital in Bahrain and shipped to a safe and secure storage facility abroad with support from the IAEA, despite increased challenges in conducting operations like this during the global pandemic. Read more →

Latest info on COVID-19 from Austrian and Viennese authorities

Update as of 9 April: Most of Vienna-based IAEA staff are working remotely until 18 April. For more, click here.

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About the IAEA

The IAEA is the world's centre for cooperation in the nuclear field and seeks to promote the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.


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