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30 November 2015 News Story

IAEA Participates in COP21 as One UN for Climate Action

The IAEA is participating in side events at the Paris Climate Conference, COP21, over the next two weeks, and is also hosting an exhibit in the One UN Exhibit Area themed “Sustainable Industries and Energy.”

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participants at the interregional workshop on the recently released  Part 7 of the IAEA General Safety Requirements
27 November 2015 News Story

New IAEA Safety Standards Reinforce Emergency Preparedness and Response

IAEA Member States will need to further strengthen their emergency preparedness and response (EPR) frameworks based on the newly published IAEA Safety Requirements publication on Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency.

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nuclear power
27 November 2015 News Story

Does Nuclear Power Really Help Fight Climate Change? - IAEA Deputy Director General Chudakov

Having been a nuclear power reactor operator for a good part of my career, I understand very well the potential of nuclear energy. I have seen many improvements in technology and operational safety, as well as the financial and environmental benefits they have brought.

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27 November 2015 Press Release

IAEA Completes Nuclear Security Review Mission in New Zealand

A team of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts today completed a mission to review national nuclear security practices in New Zealand.

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26 November 2015 News Story

Technical Cooperation a Key Agenda Item at IAEA Board of Governors Meeting

Director General Yukiya Amano delivered his opening statement at the meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors starting today in Vienna, by addressing issues of technical cooperation, nuclear applications, nuclear energy, safety and security, and nuclear verification.

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Russian flag
26 November 2015 Press Release

IAEA Mission Says Russia’s Novovoronezh Nuclear Plant has Strengthened Safety, Sees Scope for Further Improvement

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said Russia’s Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant has improved safety in recent years by, for example, using innovative techniques to reduce its impact on the environment.

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25 November 2015 News Story

Asian and African Scientists Learn How to Detect Animal Diseases Threatening Livestock

Animal diseases cause great damage in countries, especially where the majority of people depend on agriculture and livestock to live. After attending a two-week course organized this month by the IAEA, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), several scientists from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia are now in the position to diagnose such diseases.

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TACC 2015 and Chair of BoG
25 November 2015 News Story

Committee Backs IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme for 2016-2017

The IAEA's Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee (TACC) has recommended for approval to the IAEA Board of Governors the Agency’s Technical Cooperation (TC) Programme for 2016-2017 and the TC budget for 2016. The latter earmarks 74.3 million euros for new and ongoing core technical cooperation projects, and another 61.4 million euros for technical cooperation projects for which funding has not so far been identified – so called “footnote-a” projects.

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Director General Yukiya Amano


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