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Twenty Years of Country Nuclear Power Profiles: IAEA Releases 2018 Edition

The IAEA has released its annual edition of the Country Nuclear Power Profiles (CNPP), a major resource on the status and development of nuclear power programmes around the world. Read more →

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Toward a Healthier Future: IAEA Symposium on the Double Burden of Malnutrition Concludes

One in three people worldwide suffer from some form of malnutrition, such as obesity, undernutrition or nutrient deficiencies, and in many cases, people suffer from more than one form. Read more →

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IAEA Reviews the Philippines' Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts has concluded an eight-day mission to the Republic of the Philippines to review its development of infrastructure for nuclear power. The Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR), which ended on 17 December, was conducted at the invitation of the Government of the Philippines. Read more →

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Cooperation, Coordination, and Communication Key to Securing Radioactive Material: IAEA Conference

Authorities and those using radioactive sources – such as staff at hospitals, industries and research institutions – also must collaborate so that the material is protected, and quickly detected if it is lost, stolen or otherwise missing. Read more →

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Global Uranium Supply Can Meet Projected Demand, NEA and IAEA Say in New Report

The world’s supply of uranium is more than adequate to meet projected requirements for the foreseeable future, regardless of the role that nuclear energy ultimately plays in meeting future electricity demand and global climate objectives. However, significant investment and technical expertise will be required to ensure these uranium resources can be brought into production in a timely manner, including from mines currently under care and maintenance. Read more →

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About the IAEA

The IAEA is the world's centre for cooperation in the nuclear field and seeks to promote the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.


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