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Establishing Ionizing Radiation Facilities in the Philippines and Beyond

Cancer is the Philippines’ second biggest killer, according to the 2020 Global Cancer Observatory, as the country suffers almost 100 000 cancer related deaths per year. Read more →

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SMR Platform: New Web Portal Facilitates Technical Support

Countries looking to accelerate SMR deployment with the help of the IAEA’s Platform on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and their Applications—launched one year ago to provide support on all aspects of SMR development, deployment, licensing and oversight—can take their first step through a new online portal to access all IAEA services as well as the latest information related to this emerging nuclear power technology. Read more →

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IAEA Workshop Spotlights Cultural Heritage Management with Nuclear Science

Alexandria may be named after its famous founder, but cities have lined Egypt’s northern coast long before Alexander the Great’s armies conquered. Read more →

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IAEA Nuclear Security Training and Demonstration Centre Nears Completion

One year after a ceremony to break ground for an international nuclear security training centre at the IAEA’s facility in Seibersdorf, near Vienna, a near-complete building is now visible. Read more →

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Update 91 – IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine

Ukraine has informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about new shelling in the area of the country’s Zaporizhzya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), further underlining major nuclear safety and security risks at Europe’s largest such facility, Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi said today. Read more →

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International Youth Day: New IAEA Nuclear Science and Technology Student Competition for Asia

Sustainable development needs the energy, skills and drive of young people, and the focus of this year’s International Youth Day, observed annually on 12 August, is building and promoting greater intergenerational solidarity. Read more →

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