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4 September 2015 News Story

Ocean Acidification: The Little-known Impact of CO2 Emissions

Ocean acidification, like global warming, is a serious consequence of rising carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and a growing threat to coastal communities. Scientists and economists alike are calling for ocean acidification mitigation and adaptation plans to be included in any future international climate change agreement.

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Milestone Publications
3 September 2015 News Story

IAEA Issues Revised Guidance Document for Countries Introducing Nuclear Power

Clearer guidelines for the division of tasks between operators, the regulator and the Government, a more detailed list of activities for the introduction of nuclear power, and a blueprint for coordination mechanisms among players, including during the initial phase of nuclear infrastructure development are among the recommendations in the updated version of the IAEA’s key guidance document for countries considering to introduce nuclear power.

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2 September 2015 News Story

Scientific Forum 2015: Mexico and France Save 2000-year-old ‘Fragile Old Man’ Sculpture Using Nuclear Techniques

During an excavation in 2001 in Becán, a Maya civilization site located in Campeche State in south-eastern Mexico, a 2000-year-old wooden sculpture was unearthed causing a buzz in Mexico’s archaeological community.

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IAEA Publishes Annual Report for 2014
1 September 2015 News Story

IAEA Publishes Annual Report for 2014

Along with an examination of the state of worldwide nuclear-related developments last year, the IAEA Annual Report 2014 provides a comprehensive look at the Agency’s activities over the course of the year.

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1 September 2015 News Story

IAEA Publishes Technical Cooperation Report for 2014

The IAEA provided development assistance to 131 countries and territories in 2014, seven more than 2013, according to the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Report, published along with its Annual Report this month. The report will be discussed at the IAEA’s General Conference in September.

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Fukushima Report
31 August 2015 News Story

IAEA Releases Director General’s Report on Fukushima Daiichi Accident

The IAEA Director General’s Report on the Fukushima Daiichi Accident, along with five technical volumes on this topic by international experts, have just been publicly released.

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31 August 2015 Press Release

IAEA Reviews Kenya’s Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts has concluded an 8-day mission to review infrastructure development for a nuclear power programme in Kenya. The Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) was carried at the invitation of the Kenyan Government.

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28 August 2015 News Story

Trained to Adapt: Researchers from Pakistan, Mauritius and Afghanistan Breed Mutant Plants to Take on a Changing Climate

Many crops around the world are being devastated by erratic rains, droughts, diseases and relentless heat, which are being exacerbated by climate change. Three researchers are using their training with the Joint FAO/IAEA Division to develop new plant breeds that can withstand these adverse conditions and help keep their countries’ crops growing strong.

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