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Nuclear to Help Chilean Police Investigate Case of Stolen Christ Figure

Uncovering the age and origin of a vandalized statue of Christ in Chile could come down to atoms. Read more →

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IAEA Reviews Ghana's Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development

An IAEA team of experts concluded an eight-day mission to Ghana today to review the country’s infrastructure development for a nuclear power programme. Read more →

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IAEA Mission Concludes Site and External Events Design (SEED) Review in Belarus

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts today concluded a five-day Site and External Events Design (SEED) mission to Belarus. Read more →

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Sierra Leone Recognizes Cancer as Public Health Emergency

After years of violence and the devastation of Ebola, Sierra Leone’s health professionals can finally look beyond urgent crises. Read more →

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Pakistan's National Centre of Excellence Contributes to Sustaining Nuclear Security

Pakistani front line officers and first responders are in a better position to fight illicit trafficking in nuclear and other radioactive materials, as well as to use advanced radiation detection and monitoring equipment, thanks to training they have received at the country’s Centre of Excellence for Nuclear Security. Read more →

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About the IAEA

The IAEA is the world's centre for cooperation in the nuclear field and seeks to promote the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.

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