The SMR Platform and Nuclear Harmonization and Standardization Initiative (NHSI)

The IAEA supports Member States towards the safe and secure deployment of small modular reactors (SMRs), which can enhance energy security while helping to achieve global climate goals. To this end, the Agency has launched two interconnected mechanisms: the IAEA Platform on SMRs and their Applications (SMR Platform) and the Nuclear Harmonization and Standardization Initiative (NHSI).

The SMR Platform serves as the focal point for the IAEA's activities in the field of SMRs and their applications. It provides coordinated support and expertise from across the entire Agency, encompassing all aspects relevant to the development, early deployment, and oversight of SMRs. The SMR Platform is designed to facilitate cooperation and collaboration among Member States and other stakeholders, supporting the safe and secure deployment of SMRs worldwide.

The SMR Platform is a valuable resource for Member States looking to advance their SMR programmes. It offers a range of services, including technical assistance, capacity building, information sharing, and coordination of research and development efforts. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, the SMR Platform aims to accelerate the development and deployment of SMRs, helping to strengthen energy security while also mitigating climate change.

The NHSI is a complementary initiative that aims to advance the harmonization and standardization of SMR design, construction, regulatory and industrial approaches. The initiative is comprised of two separate but complementary tracks: the NHSI Regulatory Track and the NHSI Industry Track.

The goal of the NHSI Regulatory Track is to increase regulatory collaboration among Member States, avoid duplication of efforts, increase efficiency, and facilitate the development of common regulatory positions without compromising nuclear safety and national sovereignty. To achieve this goal, the NHSI Regulatory Track has developed ambitious but feasible programs of work that build on previous activities and progressively make important steps toward harmonization of regulatory approaches.

The NHSI Industry Track, on the other hand, focuses on developing more standardized industrial approaches for SMR development, manufacturing, construction, and operations. By establishing common standards and best practices, the NHSI Industry aims to help reduce licensing timelines, costs and ultimately deployment times for SMRs.

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