The IAEA CONNECT platform is an easy-to-use online environment that hosts a wide range of IAEA’s professional networks that brings together professionals and experts from IAEA and its Member States to facilitate the sharing of information and capacity building while offering a centralized resource hub in their topical areas.

These professional networks adopted an online platform to allow its members to work collaboratively in a protected environment, in a timely manner and in a cost-effective way within their technical scopes. CONNECT’s key objectives are to promote capacity building, facilitate collaboration and sharing of information and experience, both within and among the several networks and their members.

Through CONNECT, the professional networks provide their members with a centralized resource hub. These resources can include members’ contributed content, information on relevant events, active projects and working groups, draft publications and similar.

The IAEA networks public sites on CONNECT can be accessed by anyone while the members-only areas are targeted at professionals in their related fields, at no cost to the participants.

Some of the substantial benefits provided by the platform are:   

  • A single-entry point for area specific resources (members have access to additional resources);
  • Cost free access to training materials and courses, including e-learning modules;
  • Access to materials presented at IAEA workshops, training courses, group scientific visits and similar (for network members only);
  • Access to peers; (for network members only);
  • Access to shared experiences and lessons learned, including good practices (for network members only); and
  • Collaborative development of guidance documents, procedures and training materials (for network members only).

The IAEA CONNECT platform is a project supported through the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme with additional funding from the European Commission. It can be accessed on http://connect.iaea.org.

CONNECT and the networks’ public sites are open to all. Access to a particular network’s members-only area is available upon admission to that network. For more information, please visit the IAEA Networks’ public sites on CONNECT.

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