International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN)

The International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN) is a partnership through which the IAEA, educational and research institutions, as well as other stakeholders cooperate to promote sustainable nuclear security education.

INSEN was established in 2010 during a IAEA nuclear security workshop on nuclear security education, in which representatives from almost 30 academic institutions and other stakeholders took part. The Network aims to enhance global nuclear security by developing, sharing and promoting excellence in nuclear security education.

INSEN members collaborate in the following areas:

  • Development of peer-reviewed textbooks, instructional material, computer-based teaching tools, and exercises and materials for laboratory work;
  • Faculty development in the different areas of nuclear security through faculty development courses, faculty exchanges and joint development and implementation of nuclear security education programmes or courses;
  • Joint research and development activities to share scientific knowledge and infrastructure;
  • Student exchange programmes to foster international cooperation and exchange of information;
  • Implementation of degree programmes and courses in nuclear security education;
  • Quality assurance: consistency with IAEA defined terminology set out in the IAEA Nuclear Security guidance documents;
  • Academic theses supervision and evaluation;
  • Performance of surveys on the effectiveness of nuclear security education among students and faculty.

INSEN’s three working groups focus on:

  • Exchange of information and development of teaching materials for nuclear security education;
  • Faculty development and cooperation among universities;
  • Promotion of nuclear security education and of INSEN.

INSEN members meet annually to review the activities of the three working groups, discuss and identify issues to be addressed, and assign tasks to the working groups.

INSEN membership is informal and open to educational and research institutions, national competent authorities and other stakeholders that are involved, or planning to be involved, in nuclear security education. Relevant international or non-governmental organizations may request to participate in or support INSEN activities as observers.

To request INSEN Membership and observer status, please contact INSEN.

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