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Nuclear Security Information Portal (NUSEC)

NUSEC is a platform that allows members of the nuclear security community to exchange information on all aspects of nuclear security.

NUSEC is a protected, collaborative web-based tool designed to promote communication and information exchange in the field of nuclear security between the IAEA, its Member States and IAEA partners. 

The portal provides an interactive, secure and centralized web environment, in which users can rapidly find relevant nuclear security information and engage in information exchange with each other. They can also engage with other nuclear security experts from around the world and showcase their own nuclear security information.

NUSEC’s key objectives are to:

  • keep the nuclear security community informed about IAEA, multilateral and national nuclear security-related activities;
  • offer a collaborative environment for community-building;
  • give rapid access to national contact points and related data; and
  • provide user groups with a secure and centralized web environment for better information exchange.

All IAEA Member States and selected IAEA partners can become part of NUSEC.

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