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DIrectory of RAdiotherapy Centres (DIRAC)

DIRAC is the world’s most comprehensive database on radiotherapy resources. It comprises current and historical global data on radiotherapy centres, teletherapy machines, brachytherapy units, treatment planning systems, computed tomography systems and simulators.

The IAEA has collected data on radiotherapy facilities since 1959. The online DIRAC database is continuously updated with information provided voluntarily by organizations, radiotherapy centres and other institutions around the world. Data shared to be included in DIRAC undergoes a process of review and verification to detect whether there are any inconsistencies and to ensure it is complete. DIRAC contains information on radiotherapy infrastructure in 141 countries.

DIRAC is a powerful tool that can be used for different types of analyses: to assess existing infrastructure in radiotherapy, plan new radiation oncology centres and extract performance and quality indicators related to radiotherapy services. Such analyses can help advocate for equity in the access to cancer treatment, invest in health care infrastructure, benchmark radiotherapy resources, and academic research. Professionals worldwide rely on DIRAC and request information from it every day. 

DIRAC allows users to view and upload information on individual radiotherapy centres and data summaries for countries, regions and even the entire world. The DIRAC website is a collaborative tool, providing data analysis information and interactive maps.

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