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TC Programme Cycle Management Framework

The PCMF is a platform for users to develop and manage IAEA technical cooperation projects from project concept submission through project design, approval, implementation and evaluation.

The PCMF provides all stakeholders with access to their projects and facilitates interaction between members of the project team. It comprises two stages: programme planning and implementation. For the first stage, the PCMF takes the form of an interaction platform, while the implementation part is comprehensive (with all TC projects listed) and authoritative (including TC programme cycles approved by the IAEA Board of Governors). The PCMF is updated continually and restricted to registered users. Register here

Resource Information

Quality Level Authoritative - includes TC programme cycles approved by the BoG
Completeness Comprehensive - The implementation part is comprehensive (all TC projects are listed)
Update Frequency Continually
Last Resource Update N/A
Subject Techniques and Measurements in Science and Industry
Organizational Source Technical Cooperation
Data Type Documents
Keywords Technical Cooperation; project design; project concept; logical framework matrix; workplan; programme cycle; project proposal
Contact Point Contact email
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