Member States Support Programmes

What are Member State Support Programmes?

Member State Support Programmes (MSSPs) — the first of which was established in 1977 — play an important role in strengthening and sustaining the IAEA’s nuclear verification capabilities. By providing both financial and in-kind contributions, such as access to facilities and expertise for training and field testing of equipment, MSSPs effectively complement the work of the IAEA Department of Safeguards. This collaborative framework enhances and reinforces the IAEA’s overall capacity for performing nuclear verification, and supports the Department of Safeguards in addressing challenges and opportunities. Currently, there are 24 active MSSPs.  If your State is interested in establishing an MSSP, please contact us.

Key Benefits for MSSPs

  • Visible and tangible support for the IAEA’s nuclear verification mission.
  • Direct collaboration and exchanges with IAEA technical experts in areas of mutual interest.
  • Partnership opportunities with other Member States and organizations.
  • Development of a Member State’s competencies through the placement of Cost-Free Experts and Junior Professional Officers in the IAEA Secretariat.
  • A dedicated team of IAEA staff to handle administration.
  • No annual commitments.

    Recent Achievements

    • Over 1,000 nuclear material and environmental swipe samples analyzed through the Network of Analytical Laboratories.
    • Over 90 different training courses per year for IAEA safeguards inspectors and other Safeguards staff at IAEA headquarters and host facilities.
    • Successful implementation of the pilot phase of COMPASS — the IAEA Comprehensive Capacity-Building Initiative for SSACs and SRAs.
    • Organization of the Safeguards Symposium for more than 1,000 global stakeholders.

    • First successful field test of the Robotized Cherenkov Viewing Device (RCVD), an automated surface vehicle used for the verification of spent nuclear fuel rods stored in spent fuel pools.

    • Maintenance and enhancement of 16 customized Safeguards software applications.

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