How CRPs work

The IAEA supports research under its programmes, sub-programmes and projects that are listed in its approved Programme and Budget. These Coordinated Research Activities are normally implemented through Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs), which bring together research institutes in both developing and developed Member States to collaborate on research topics of common interest. Research, technical and doctoral contracts and research agreements are awarded to institutes in Member States for their completion of research work under these CRPs.

Each established CRP consists of a network of 10 to 15 research institutes that work in coordination for three to five years to acquire and disseminate new knowledge.

Research takes place at participating institutes that have been selected in the CRP’s research, technical and doctoral contracts and cost-free research agreements. For each contract or agreement, one institute staff member is designated as the Chief Scientific Investigator (CSI) responsible for the progress of the research work. The IAEA acts as the sponsoring and coordinating body, with an IAEA technical staff member assigned to lead each CRP as the project officer.

The IAEA may also respond to proposals from institutes for participation in the research activities under individual research contracts not related to a CRP. A small portion of available funds is used to finance individual projects that deal with topics covered by the IAEA’s scientific programme. 

CRP results are available, free of charge, to scientists, engineers and other users from all Member States.

The broad scope of CRP activities is reflected by the great diversity of their outputs, which include:

  • Establishment of networks and databases
  • Development of devices/tools for diagnosis and testing
  • Promotion of research through well-known scientific and technical publications
  • Technology transfer through technical cooperation projects
  • Masters and PhD theses

Each year, the IAEA sends its Coordinated Research Activities Information Letter to all Member States inviting submissions of research proposals. Research contract and agreement proposals are accepted throughout the year. 

The Annual Reports and Statistics for the IAEA’s Coordinated Research Activities contain a large chapter on achievements of the programme during the previous year, ordered by thematic sector. The publication also describes some successful CRPs and provides figures and statistics on the Coordinated Research Activities.

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