Types of employment

The IAEA offers different types of employment opportunities: for professional and general service posts; consultants and experts; junior staff, through internships; and the Junior Professional Officer programme. 

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    Professional staff

    Professional staff members of the IAEA are experts in their fields who carry out the functions of the IAEA through two different means. First, they contribute as individual experts. Second, they organize input from experts to deal with specific tasks, such as preparing standards. IAEA professional staff work in international and multidisciplinary teams. The skills needed by the professional staff are usually very specific to the nature of the IAEA's work.  Read more →

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    General service staff

    General service staff members comprise approximately 1,100 of the Agency's staff and provide the IAEA with administrative, technical and scientific support. Their organizational abilities, interpersonal skills and responsiveness to logistical and administrative requirements make an indispensable contribution to the smooth running of the Agency. All general service candidates are recruited on a local basis, which means that they legally reside in the country of the duty station at the time of application. Read more →

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    Junior Professional Officer Programme

    The IAEA offers some job opportunities for young professionals under a Junior Professional Officer (JPO) programme. The purpose of the JPO programme is not only to give young professionals an opportunity to gain work experience in an international environment, but also to provide the IAEA with additional expertise. The JPO works as a professional staff member as part of a team and under the guidance of a senior professional in either a scientific, technical or administrative field. Read more →

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    Consultants and experts

    The IAEA frequently engages consultants and experts under individual contracts (temporary staff assignments or consultancies) to work on short-term projects. The functions of consultants and experts are results-oriented and usually assist in the delivery of specific IAEA programmatic activities. Read more →

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    IAEA Internship programme

    The purpose of the IAEA internship programme is to provide people studying toward a university degree or who have recently received a degree with the opportunity to gain practical work experience in line with their studies or interests, and expose them to the work of the Agency and the United Nations. At the same time, it  benefits the IAEA and its programmatic work to obtain the assistance of qualified students specialized in various professional fields. Read more →


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