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Consultants and experts

The IAEA frequently engages consultants and experts under individual contracts (temporary staff assignments or consultancies) to work on short-term projects. The functions of consultants and experts are results-oriented and usually assist in the delivery of specific IAEA programmatic activities.

Applicants interested in such temporary assignments or consultancies may submit an application to the pipeline vacancies in their field of expertise. Pipeline vacancies enable the IAEA to capture information in a highly detailed and structured manner by using expertise-related questions, and enrich the CV with expertise levels that will be used by recruiters to find suitable candidates for temporary assignments or consultancies. Please note that a submission to a pipeline vacancy does not constitute commitment on the part of the IAEA to take a particular application into consideration in the recruitment process.

When a division has a need for a specific skill set, the IAEA’s Recruitment Unit will run a query among applications submitted to the relevant pipeline vacancy.


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