Vienna, Austria
Event Code: I3-TR-55121

Training Workshop on the Development of Severe Accident Management Guidelines Using the IAEA’s Severe Accident Management Guideline Development Toolkit

Vienna, Austria
Cairo, Egypt
Event Code: L5-TR-55784

3rd AFRA-NEST General Assembly

Pretoria, South Africa
Event Code: D4-RC-55432

Fourth Research Coordination Meeting on Enhancing Vector Refractoriness to Trypanosome Infection

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: I3-TM-55099

Technical Meeting on the Responsibilities of Users and Vendors in Nuclear Desalination Projects

Vienna, Austria
Event Code: I3-TR-55103

Technical Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Nuclear Desalination

Vienna, Austria
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Event Code: L5-TR-55778

Training Workshop to Facilitate the Activities of LANENT