Global Water Analysis Laboratory (GloWAL) Network

Launched at the UN 2023 Water Conference, the Global Water Analysis Laboratory (GloWAL) Network empowers countries to generate their own chemical, biological and isotopic water data.

Data and information help countries meet Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and deliver on the Water Action Agenda. Laboratories that can generate reliable data in a timely manner are the cornerstone of any country’s capacity to better understand and manage their water resources.

The GloWAL Network enables collaboration and communication amongst laboratories at all stages of development to share knowledge, foster capacity building and support training so that each laboratory can reach its full potential.

The Network is aimed at

  • enabling independent data generation in developing countries,
  • reducing technical gaps between developed and developing countries,
  • bringing financial investment and scientific innovation in water analysis together,
  • making countries’ water resource management more sustainable and consequential.

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