Control of Sources Network (CSN)

Safety in the use of radiation sources and operation of related facilities is key to protecting people and the environment from radiation risks. 

In order to ensure safety, countries should establish cradle-to-grave regulatory systems for the control of radiation sources. The establishment of such a system requires: 

  • a legislative framework for safety with relevant laws and regulations,
  • a national regulatory infrastructure for control of radiation sources represented by an operational regulatory body with sufficient resources and qualified staff, 
  • and the implementation of regulatory functions such as authorization, inspection and enforcement as well as development of regulations and guides.

Exchange of information and experience among regulatory bodies contributes to effective regulatory systems for the control of radiation sources. 

With the help of the web-based platform CSN, regulators can interact, network and share challenges and lessons learned in regulatory activities. It is also provides regulators with relevant information and documentation related to regulatory control of radiation sources. 

The CSN includes sub-sites such as the SARIS collaboration Platform and RAIS collaboration platform as well as relevant documents, announcements of important events, and blogs.

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