International Network of Front Line Officers and Organizations for Nuclear Security Detection (FLO Network)

The FLO Network contributes to States’ efforts to develop, enhance, and sustain their nuclear security detection architecture. Taking into account countries’ requests, IAEA’s support may include hosting technical meetings, coordinating training activities, and fostering capacity building. 

Who are considered Front Line Officers (FLOs)?

FLOs are the responsible staff from a designated government organization or institution who are potentially first alerted about nuclear and other radioactive material out of regulatory control through information alerts or instrument alarms. FLO organizations may include police and other law enforcement agencies, customs authorities, border protection authorities, maritime security agencies, intelligence agencies and other governmental agencies.

The Network

The FLO Network was established with the aim to facilitate continuous capacity building and sustainability to its members through cooperation, coordination and collaboration among them. This Network contributes to effective use of resources and coherent approaches in addressing common issues and challenges of FLOs, while also promoting exchange of knowledge and good practices.

The topical focus areas under this Network are:

  • Detection strategy and coordination
  • Detection systems and measures
  • Capacity building and sustainability

The Network members conduct activities at the national, sub-regional, regional and international levels, which are identified and implemented through the Network’s Regional Working Groups, namely: Africa Regional Working Group; Asia Regional Working Group; Europe and Central Asia Regional Working Group; Latin America Regional Working Group.

Network membership is open to all organizations representing States involved in, or planning to be involved in, provision of support in the area of nuclear security detection. States can be represented in the FLO Network by more than one person and organization involved in nuclear security detection.  

Requests for membership should be sent through our contact email.

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