Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN)

The IAEA Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network  is both a human network and a web platform, allowing its members to share nuclear safety and security knowledge and services to further the goal of achieving worldwide implementation of a high level of nuclear safety and security.

The Network is a key support element of the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Framework, which has the objective to achieve and maintain a high level of safety and security at nuclear facilities and activities around the world. The IAEA plays a central role in strengthening this Framework, by assisting Member States in building sustainable national competences and capabilities. It also promotes, through dedicated knowledge networks, the transfer of knowledge from countries with mature nuclear energy programmes to countries that have only just started to embark on such programmes.

The GNSSN, as a knowledge network, is part of an integrated IAEA methodology for capacity-building and contributes to enhancing international cooperation and dialogue in the field of nuclear safety and security, as well as harmonizing national approaches to nuclear safety knowledge management. Its main members are information providers and network operators.

The Network’s mission comprises three elements:

  • Ensuring that relevant knowledge, experience and lessons learned related to nuclear safety and security are managed and shared for the benefit of Member States;
  • Enabling and supporting interaction and collaboration between organizations and subject matter experts; and
  • Establishing a capacity building framework to support the national nuclear safety and security infrastructure in IAEA Member States.

The GNSSN has public and restricted parts. While the public part provides access to open information sources, as well as relevant IAEA and external sources, the restricted site is used as a collaboration platform for safety and security teams, forums and user communities. It requires an official nomination and registration.

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