Response and Assistance Network (RANET)

State Parties can fulfil their obligations under the Assistance Convention by registering their capabilities to assist in RANET. The following capabilities can be registered:


Advice on decontamination of urban and rural areas, buildings, equipment, objects and persons, advice on decontamination techniques and operational support can be requested through RANET.

Dose assessment

The assessment of doses following internal or external radiation exposures can be requested through RANET. Techniques used for dose assessment include bioassay, biodosimetry, electron paramagnetic resonance, optically stimulated luminescence and activation analysis.

Sampling and analysis

Sampling and analysis of air, soil, water, sediments, foodstuffs and pastures can be requested through RANET. Samples are analysed and radionuclides identified and quantified using stationary or mobile laboratories.

Medical support

Through RANET, States can request advice on the medical management of casualties, including recommendations on treatment. States can also request specialised treatment of patients and psychological support to casualties, their families, first responders, caregivers and the general public.

Nuclear installation assessment and advice

Assistance to assess an event and plant status can be requested through RANET. States can also request assistance in developing a prognosis of possible developments and advice to support mitigation efforts. Specialized equipment and technology including robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles could be required for some on-site mitigation tasks in areas that may be uninhabitable due to factors such as high dose rates, high temperatures and unstable environments.

Radiation survey

RANET offers assistance in radiation survey activities such as: measuring dose rates, establishing contamination levels, conducting radiological screenings, identifying radionuclides and quantifying activity concentration.

Radiological assessment and advice

Assessment and evaluation of radiological consequences of a perceived threat or actual incident or emergency and its possible evolution can be requested through RANET. Also offered is assistance in the form of advice on protective and other response actions needed to minimize the consequences of an incident or emergency.

Source search and recovery

Member States can also request advice and/or assistance in search and recovery of lost or stolen radioactive sources.  In addition, advice and assistance can be provided for the transportation and safe and secure storage of recovered sources.

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