Security of nuclear and other radioactive material

There is a risk that nuclear or other radioactive material could be used in criminal or intentional unauthorized acts, creating a threat to international security. The IAEA helps policymakers and experts worldwide to improve nuclear security, manage radioactive sources and combat nuclear terrorism.

  • Public events security

    The organization of a major public event, such as a sporting event or high-level political meeting, presents unique security challenges, including possible threats involving nuclear or other radioactive material. Upon request, the IAEA provides assistance to States  in the form of detection equipment, staff training and information. More → Read more →

  • Nuclear forensics

    Nuclear forensics is the examination of nuclear and other radioactive materials using analytical techniques to determine the origin and history of this material in the context of law enforcement investigations or the assessment of nuclear security vulnerabilities. Read more →

  • Computer and information security

    Computers play an essential role in all aspects of the management and safe and secure operation of nuclear facilities. Computer-based systems also support the authorities in the facilities’ regulation and oversight. The IAEA provides guidance and training to assist States in developing comprehensive computer and information security activities. More → Read more →