Management in nuclear

Nuclear facilities and power programmes need effective management based on robust decision making processes, involving all stakeholders and executed by skilled and well trained professionals. The IAEA helps Member States establish and implement effective management systems, knowledge management and human resource development.

  • IAEA

    Management systems

    An effective and sustainable management system at a nuclear facility integrates such issues as safety, security, safeguards, health and quality, to ensure that strategic decision making does not take place in isolation. Read more →

  • Human Resource Development. Mochovce NPP

    Human resource development

    The nuclear industry relies heavily on a specialized and highly trained workforce for its safety and sustainability. Effective human resource management ranges from education and training to the continual monitoring and improvement of the workforce’s performance. Read more →

  • Communicating with stakeholders and the public

    Stakeholder involvement

    Involving a wide range of interested parties in the decision-making on nuclear power programmes can enhance public awareness, understanding and confidence. This is also important for those stakeholders that do not have a direct role in making those decisions. Read more →

  • Nuclear knowledge management

    Nuclear knowledge management

    Building, collecting, transferring, sharing, maintaining, preserving and utilizing knowledge is essential to developing and keeping the necessary technical expertise and competences required for nuclear power programmes and other nuclear technology. The IAEA helps Member States maintain and preserve nuclear knowledge. Read more →

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