Nuclear infrastructure

A nuclear power programme requires a sustainable infrastructure that provides governmental, legal, regulatory, managerial, technological, human resource, industrial and stakeholder support throughout the programme’s life cycle. The IAEA assists Member States through a variety of services and activities in addressing all relevant nuclear infrastructure issues.

  • Belarus Ostrovets NPP

    Infrastructure development

    More than two dozen countries are considering or have decided to add nuclear power as a stable source of electricity to their national energy mix. The infrastructure necessary for a safe, secure and sustainable nuclear power programme must be planned and prepared carefully and requires long-term commitment. Read more →

  • Funding and finance

    Regardless of whether a country already has an existing nuclear power programme or is developing nuclear power for the first time, new nuclear power plants need sufficient funding – usually the responsibility of the government – and financing, which is the responsibility of the plant’s owner or operator. Read more →

  • ChenYin Sanmen

    Regulatory infrastructure

    One objective of a global nuclear safety regulatory framework is to strengthen the transparency, openness, independence, technical competence and effectiveness of regulatory bodies in Member States. The IAEA Safety Standards establish basic requirements for legal, governmental and regulatory infrastructures for nuclear, radiation, radioactive waste and transport safety. Read more →

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