Energy planning

Decisions on energy demand and supply infrastructures need to involve all stakeholders, consider all possible energy supply and demand options, and should be consistent with sustainable development goals. The IAEA assists Member States in charting out their energy strategies, including whether or not to include nuclear energy. 

  • Economics

    Economic analysis is essential to determine the feasibility of any energy project, including one that involves nuclear power plants. Its main objective is to help create and select projects that will contribute to the welfare of society. Read more →

  • Projections

    Projecting a society’s long-term electricity demand helps determine what capacity is needed for future energy generation. Such projections are also used to analyse the scope and composition of an electricity supply expansion project involving nuclear power. Read more →

  • Sustainability

    Energy planning is directly linked to national development and sustainability goals. Access to clean, affordable, safe and reliable energy is an important ingredient of sustainable economic growth and improved human well-being. Nuclear energy systems present options to provide energy in a sustainable manner. Read more →


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