Department of Nuclear Energy

The Department of Nuclear Energy fosters sustainable nuclear energy development by supporting existing and new nuclear programmes around the world. It provides technical support on the nuclear fuel cycle and the life cycle of nuclear facilities, and builds indigenous capability in energy planning, analysis, and nuclear information and knowledge management.

  • Division of Nuclear Power

    The Division supports countries with operating nuclear power plants in enhancing the performance and safe long-term plant operation and the effectiveness of engineering processes for new builds, and helps increase capacity in Member States to use advanced management and human resource development methods for nuclear power programmes. It also assists Member States embarking on nuclear power programmes in planning and building their national nuclear infrastructures. Read more →

  • Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology

    The Division formulates and implements the IAEA's activities regarding the nuclear fuel cycle, waste management and research reactors. It focuses on safe, secure, environmentally sound and cost-effective activities that support nuclear power, including the fuel cycle, waste management, decommissioning of nuclear installations and environmental remediation; access to and operation of research reactors; and waste management strategies and technologies covering all activities that generate radioactive waste, including disused sealed radioactive sources. Read more →

  • Division of Planning, Information and Knowledge Management

    The Division provides support in the field of nuclear economics and energy system planning, sustainable development issues related to the environment, information management and information dissemination, and nuclear knowledge management. Read more →


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