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Department of Nuclear Energy Webinars

The Department of Nuclear Energy offers a variety of webinars and online learning courses that are continuously being expanded and updated to meet the growing demand and changing needs of Member States. They focus on a wide array of topics, from stakeholder involvement to nuclear technology. 

Environmental Remediation (Webinar Series)

This webinar series shares information on available remediation strategies and technologies, as well as management options and successful practicies, helping Member States adopt appropriate practices to resolve existing environmental challenges and avoid the creation of new contaminated sites.

Economics and Financing of Nuclear Power Webinar Series

This webinar series will focus on finding the best ways to ensure economic growth and increase the quality of living through job creation while aligning investments to climate change mitigation targets, as well as a new era of public and private sector sustainable finance mechanisms which can increase nuclear technology access to capital and lower interest rates during the construction, commissioning, and operations phases of the nuclear power generation lifecycle.

Nuclear Energy and Climate Change Webinar Series

This webinar series aims to highlight nuclear energy’s contributions to these ambitious decarbonization objectives, as well as its role in the transition towards sustainable and resilient low-carbon energy systems. The webinars feature IAEA and Member State expert speakers who present a diversity of experience in and perspectives on building a low carbon future. In 2015, the international community pledged to limit global warming to less than 2° Celsius by the end of the century, and if possible, to limit it to 1.5°C. This requires a very ambitious decarbonization effort, in particular in the energy sector which is the main source of emissions today. To be consistent with the Paris Agreement, the energy sector needs to become carbon neutral by the middle of the century. Hence, the objective in terms of emissions is to reach net zero emissions by 2050

Governing New Nuclear Programmes: Newcomer Success Stories (Webinar Series)

This webinar series is intended to present several success stories in terms of nuclear infrastructure development, how they benefited from the Agency support, and the approaches adopted by some of the key organizations to respond to the project needs. 

Holistic Approach to NORM Management

This webinar is intended to present a holistic framework for a sustainable and effective approach to manage naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). Such a framework covers aspects such as policy, strategy, regulations, inventory, valorization of residues (in the scope of the circular economy), disposal of NORM waste, characterization of residues, decommissioning of facilities and site remediation and communication in an integrated way.

IAEA Services to Support Infrastructure Development of a New Nuclear Power Programme (Webinar Series)

Through this webinar series, the IAEA offers information, platform for sharing Member States’ experiences and the latest trends regarding nuclear infrastructure development of interest to Member States considering development of nuclear power programmes. Webinars of these series can also complement other guidance materials and tools such as publications, e-learning tools, and on-line platforms, etc. 

How the IAEA helps ensure nuclear energy is sustainable

Questions pertaining to the concept of nuclear energy sustainability are the subject of this webinar.

The webinar in the Russian language can be accessed here.

Introducing Repurposing Strategies for Retired Fossil-Fired Power Plants with Nuclear Power Plants (Webinar Series)

Several countries are considering, or planning constructions of nuclear power plants at, or near site of a retired fossil-fired power plant because of the benefits of re-using the existing infrastructure, such as the grid connection and heat sinks, as well as the workforce. In addition, a growing interest in use of nuclear power to mitigate climate change has also motivated countries to consider repurposing or repowering currently operating fossil-fired power plants with nuclear power plants (advanced reactors, such as small modular reactors and sodium cooled fast reactors), which could provide potential costs savings while also generating low carbon electricity and process heat.

This webinar series aims to introduce different approaches related to national strategies and policies of embarking in nuclear power programme and operating Member States. The endeavour will present experience from recent and ongoing work on this topic around the Globe. Such countries will provide good practices as well as lessons learned.

Nuclear Back End (Webinar Series)

This webinar series covers nuclear back-end topics: decommissioning of nuclear facilities, management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, remediation of contaminated land and legacy sites. This webinar series supports IAEA Member States in meeting the challenge to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of nuclear facilities, operating or newly built, with proper handling of nuclear back-end liabilities.

Nuclear Energy Side Events at the 65th IAEA General Conference

The IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy (NE) will host a five hybrid side events during the 65th IAEA General Conference, to be held in Vienna from 20 – 24 September 2021.

Nuclear Knowledge Management (Webinar Series)

This webinar series supports IAEA Member States in maintaining and preserving nuclear knowledge. This is essential to developing and keeping the necessary technical expertise and competences required for nuclear power programmes and other nuclear technologies. (1) Knowledge Management Assist Visits, (2) Global Collaboration for Sustainable Nuclear Energy Networks, (3) New Publications to Support NKM Programmes in Member States, (4) NKM Methodologies and Processes, and (5) NKM School Webinars, are covered. 

Nuclear Supply Chain (Webinar Series)

This webinar series highlights the global view on the world nuclear supply chain, presents challenges and avenues for future and takes stock of the recent IAEA work in the area. An important challenge for ensuring the safety, reliability and efficiency of operating and construction of nuclear power plants (NPP) is the competence of its personnel and its supply chain. A large number of contractors and manufacturer and service supplier companies are necessary for the success. This means that nuclear power not only directly contributes to the economy but also indirectly via its supply chain.

Nuclear Technology Breakthroughs for the 21st Century (Webinar Series)

This webinar series supports IAEA Member States in learning about how current and future sustainable nuclear energy systems can help countries meet both growing energy demand and climate change goals, in an integrated and risk-informed way that takes into consideration advances in other energy technologies as well as societal developments.

Role of Government and Key Organizations in Nuclear Power Programme Development (Webinar Series)

This webinar series aims to improve awareness and strengthen knowledge and understanding within Member States on the roles and responsibilities of the government and key organizations in developing a new nuclear power programme. Some 30 IAEA Member States are considering, planning or actively working to introduce nuclear power and establish the nuclear infrastructure required for a safe, secure and sustainable nuclear power programme.

Spotlight on Nuclear Microreactors: A High Level Dialogue between Director General Grossi and Secretary Moniz

This webinar took place on 29 April 2021, on the occasion of the IAEA’s first Technical Meeting on the Status, Design Features, Technology Challenges and Deployment Models of Microreactors. IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi hosts former US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who is Co-Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and Founding CEO of the Energy Futures Initiative, for a high-level virtual dialogue about microreactors, one of the exciting emerging technologies in nuclear energy.

Stakeholder Involvement Related to Nuclear Power (Webinar Series)

This webinar series supports IAEA Member States in engaging with stakeholders when operating, expanding or embarking on a nuclear power programme. As seminars conducted over the internet, these webinars enable a large number of participants to learn about and discuss key stakeholder involvement topics.

Training and Qualification for Nuclear Facility Personnel (Webinar Series)

This webinar series supports IAEA Member States in meeting the challenge to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of nuclear facilities, operating or newly built, to attain and maintain the competence and qualification of personnel. The series aims to strengthen the capacity of Member States to analyse, design, develop, implement, and evaluate training programmes for nuclear facilities.

Webinar Series on Nuclear Infrastructure Publication Updates

This IAEA webinar series focuses on recently developed IAEA publications relevant to nuclear infrastructure development to raise awareness of new developments and best practices in infrastructure development lessons learned from IAEA INIR missions and the continuous interaction with the Member States.

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