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Nuclear Knowledge Management Webinars

This webinar series will provide an overview of the Knowledge Management Assist Visit (KMAV) methodology developed by the IAEA and discuss how the KMAV programmes are designed to help nuclear organizations introduce a strategic knowledge management and human resource development programme that is aligned with its business objectives.

            Host: Ashok Ganesan; Co-Host: Michaela Ovanes; 

            Panellist: Romana Kvetonova, KM Expert, Czech Republic

            Host: Ashok Ganesan; Co-Host: Michaela Ovanes; 

            Panellist: Sudi Ariyanto, BATAN, Indonesia

            Host: John Roberts; Co-Host: Oszvald Glöckler; 

            Panellists: Anthonie Cilliers, Kairos Power; USA;

            Attila Aszodi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

This webinar series will provide an introduction to the education network activities of the NKM Section that focus on helping to ensure an adequate and sustainable pipeline of qualified nuclear professionals, which has been an ongoing challenge for many Member States. This webinar explores the role of co-operation and collaboration among educational institutions and industry to enhance and expand nuclear educational programmes.

           Host: Maria Elena Urso; Co-Host: John Roberts;

           Panellists: Raúl Barrachina, CNEA; Argentina; Gabriel Pavel, ENEN; Antonella Di Trapani, OECD/NEA

           Host: Maria Elena Urso; Co-Host: John Roberts

This webinar series will provide an overview of new publications being produced by the NKM Section. These publications have been developed based on requests from Member States. Experts from the nuclear technology and power sectors are directly involved in the development of these publications.

           Host: Oszvald Glöckler; Co-Host: Ashok Ganesan;

           Panellists: John Sowagi, COG, Canada; Lizzie Smith, HR Consultant, UK;

           Judith Carrillo de Fischer, IAEA Safeguards

           Host: Ashok Ganesan; Co-Host: Milena Drace;

           Panellist: Eirini Michailidou, European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)

           Host: Michaela Ovanes; Co-Host: Maria Elena Urso

           Panellists: David Oberhettinger, Chief Knowledge Officer Emeritus, NASA, USA;

           Vincent Maugis, KM Officer, National Radioactive Waste Management Agency; Alain Plűss, WANO Paris

           Host: Ashok Ganesan; Co-Host: Tea Bilic Zabric;

           Panellist: Martin Roulleaux Dugage, Senior Expert, FRAMATOME-SAS, France

           Host: Michaela Ovanes; Co-Host: Oszvald Glöckler;

           Panellists: Martin Wakeman, EDF Energy, Hinkley Point, UK; Russell Adams, RHAdams Consulting, USA;

           Thomas Paugam, Product Manager, EDF, France; 

           Ivan Khomyakov, Specialist Engineer, Atomenergoproekt, Russia

           Host: Tea Bilic Zabric; Co-Host: Helena Zhivitskaya;

           Panellists: Andrey Yuzakov, Director, Division of Nuclear Construction & Ops. Feedback, VNIIAES, Russia;

           Luca Abele Piciaccia, Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Norway

           Host: Maria Elena Urso; Co-Host: Tea Bilic Zabric;

           Panellists: Jerry Hopwood, UNENE, Canada; Andrei Kosilov, MEPhI, Russia

This webinar series will provide an introduction to specialist processes deployed by the Agency to support the development of education and human resource capabilities in Member States. In particular, these webinars will focus on activities which help Member States develop a sustainable pipeline of qualified nuclear professionals to meet the needs of industry by bringing together educational providers and expertise across networks and university nuclear educational programmes.

               Host: John Roberts; Co-Host: Oszvald Glöckler;

               Panellists: Attila Aszódi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

               Frik Van Niekerk, North-West University, South Africa; Yury Volkov, MEPhI, Russia

               Host: Masashi Nakazono; Co-Host: Milena Drace

               Panellists: Salih Sari, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey;

               Kiyonobu Yamashita, JAIF International Cooperation Centre, Japan

               Host: Michaela Ovanes; Co-Host: David Drury

    The aim of the NKM School is to raise participants’ awareness of knowledge as a key safety and economic asset in the nuclear sector, including by illustrating the importance of implementing an integrated approach to nuclear knowledge management in their organizations. The school reviews various dimensions of nuclear knowledge management as a key business management tool, including human resources, talent and information management.

               Host: David Drury; Co-Host: John Roberts

               Host: Tea Bilic Zabric; Co-Host: John Roberts

               Host: John Roberts; Co-Host: David Drury

               Host: Maria Elena Urso; Co-Host: David Drury

               Host: Oszvald Glöckler; Co-Host: Ashok Ganesan

               Host: Oszvald Glöckler; Co-Host: Ashok Ganesan

               Host: Oszvald Glöckler; Co-Host: Ashok Ganesan

               Host: Tea Bilic Zabric; Co-Host: Oszvald Glöckler

               Host: Tea Bilic Zabric; Co-Host: Oszvald Glöckler

               Host: John Roberts

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