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IAEA Launches Webinar Series on Stakeholder Involvement in Nuclear Power Programmes


The IAEA is launching a new series of interactive webinars aimed at supporting national authorities in developing and implementing effective stakeholder involvement programmes related to nuclear power. The first webinar, on 4 June 2019, will address the basics of stakeholder involvement and will highlight why it is a strategic tool for and an essential component of a nuclear power programme – both in countries introducing nuclear power as well as for ongoing nuclear power programmes.

These seminars conducted over the internet will enable participants to learn about and engage on key stakeholder involvement topics such as establishing and running a public information centre, maintaining an effective social media presence and conducting opinion surveys.

“This webinar series aims to fill a gap in the depth and speed at which the IAEA is able to provide information on specific stakeholder involvement topics,” said Dohee Hahn, Director of the Division of Nuclear Power at the IAEA. “Representatives of different organizations in operating and embarking nuclear power countries will have a chance to learn from and interact with international experts.”

Participation in the webinars is free of charge and open to all. Each webinar will feature international expert speakers who will present a global diversity of experiences and good practices in stakeholder involvement related to nuclear power. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and join in interactive segments during the webinars.

Several IAEA documents highlight that involving a wide range of interested parties in the decision making on nuclear power programmes can enhance public awareness, understanding and confidence. This is also important for those stakeholders that do not have a direct role in making those decisions.

To register to the webinars, please click here.

Upcoming webinars will be held on a quarterly basis addressing the following topics:

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