Nuclear Power Engineering Section

The Section supports countries operating nuclear power plants or expanding their existing programmes to improve engineering, performance, management systems, human resource management, stakeholder involvement and technical infrastructure. It shares best engineering practices and innovations consistent with the global objectives of nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation.

Delivering engineering support for operating and expanding nuclear power programmes

Focusing on engineering aspects of the operation of nuclear power plants, such as ageing management, instrumentation and control technologies and maintenance, the Section aims to increase Member States’ capabilities to implement and maintain safe, competitive and sustainable nuclear power. It develops guidelines on plant life management programmes for the long-term operation of nuclear power plants and delivers training, technical assistance and expert missions. It also assists expanding countries in determining issues to be addressed during the design, construction, commissioning and operation of a new build. 

Providing management support for nuclear power plant projects

The Section develops guidance on best practices, facilitates learning and development and helps countries share experience on decision-making and the management of nuclear power plant projects. It identifies and promotes operational efficiency and effectiveness, offers training and supports countries with quality control and quality surveillance for construction, procurement, component manufacturing and commissioning. It also provides support for facilities in early permanent shutdown or in the transition to decommissioning. 

Developing human resources and strengthening stakeholder involvement

Human resource development and stakeholder involvement are key issues for both operating and nuclear newcomer countries. The Section provides guidance and advice on best practices, helps countries with workforce planning and modelling, as well as with their activities in education, training, leadership development and succession management. The Section also provides expert advice to Member States on human resource aspects for such IAEA review missions as the Operational Safety Review Teams (OSART), the Safety Aspects of Long Term Operation of Water Moderated Reactors (SALTO) missions and the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Reviews (INIR).  

Assisting Member States in interacting with their various stakeholders, which is essential to enhance mutual trust on issues related to nuclear energy production, the Section organizes technical meetings, workshops and issues guidance publications on effective stakeholder involvement throughout the life cycle of nuclear facilities, and encourages the use of up-to-date methods to implement stakeholder involvement programmes in Member States. 

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