International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles Section

The Section coordinates the activities of the membership-based International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) to increase international cooperation on global nuclear energy sustainability, long term strategies and institutional and technical innovations for nuclear energy development and deployment.

The Section supports INPRO’s activities in the following main areas: global scenarios; innovations; sustainability assessment and strategies; and policy and dialogue.

Global scenarios

Activities are focused on developing global and regional nuclear energy scenarios, using developed scientific-technical analysis tools that lead to a global vision of sustainable nuclear energy development in the current century and beyond.


In close collaboration with Member States, the Section investigates innovative nuclear energy technologies and institutional arrangements that support the development of sustainable nuclear energy in Member States in the current century, and disseminates good practices.

Sustainability assessment and strategies

Activities aim at assisting Member States in developing sustainable, long-range, national nuclear energy strategies and related deployment decision-making through the application of the INPRO Methodology in Nuclear Energy System Assessments conducted by Member States.

Dialogue and outreach

The INPRO Section provides an international venue for Member States’ guidance, for policy coordination and for coordination with other international organizations and initiatives. Dialogue Forums on Global Nuclear Energy Sustainability bring together technology holders and users to exchange ideas and information on long-range nuclear energy system strategies, global nuclear energy scenarios and related technical and institutional innovations. The work also focuses on developing and implementing outreach and training activities in support of the services provided by the INPRO Section to Member States.

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