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Comparative Evaluation of Nuclear Energy System Options

Final Report of the INPRO Collaborative Project CENESO


English IAEA-TECDOC-2027 ¦ 978-92-0-143823-2

470 pages ¦ € 22.00 ¦ Date published: 2023

Download PDF (23 MB)


This report documents the outputs of the INPRO collaborative project "Comparative Evaluation of Nuclear Energy System Options" (CENESO). The overall objectives of CENESO were to apply the approach to comparative evaluation of system/scenario options developed in the previous INPRO collaborative project and published in IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NG-T-3.20. The current publication presents new case studies and elaborates upon previous ones to extend the Key Indicators for Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems (KIND) approach to develop additional modules for enhancing the resolution among compared alternatives. The supplementary online files provide the latest version of the KIND Excel Tool (KIND-ET) and its extensions complete with user instructions.

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Comparative Evaluation, Nuclear Energy System, NES, Options, CENESO, INPRO, Management, Nuclear Engineering, Comparative Evaluation System, Approach, Country Case Studies, Key Indicators for Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems, KIND, Excel Tool, KIND-ET, Supporting Tools, Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analyses, Lessons Learned, Directions, Multi-Group Decision Making, Dynamic Decision Support, Classification, Screening Studies, Objectives, Nuclear Fuel Cycle, NFC, Major Findings, Ranking of NES/Scenario Alternatives, Evaluation Scenarios, Variable Renewables, Generation Sources, Innovative Versus Evolutionary NES, Suitable Reactor Technology, Nuclear Fuel Technology, Nuclear Energy Deployment Scenarios, Thermal Electricity Generation Options, IAEA INPRO Evaluation Tool, Thermal Reactors, Nuclear Material Flows, Different Power Technologies, Integrated Needs, KIND Framework, Long Term Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Scenarios, GAINS Framework, Review

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