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How to Access IAEA e-books

IAEA e-books

Most IAEA publications issued after 2000 are available on the web site as PDFs to download for free. Exceptions are obsolete or superseded publications. Starting in 2019, some new books are also being produced as .epub files. These files may be downloaded to e-readers to be read as e-books. Most phones and tablets have compatible readers that may already be installed on the device, or which may be downloaded from the relevant app store (e.g. “Apple books” for Apple devices). Desktop computers typically do not have e-reader software installed, but various free software options are available. IAEA e-books are optimized for reading on tablets.


The authoritative versions of the publications are the hard copies issued and available as PDFs on www.iaea.org/publications. To create the versions for e-readers, certain changes have been made, including the movement of some figures and tables.

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