Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology

The Division formulates and implements the IAEA's activities regarding the nuclear fuel cycle, waste management and research reactors. It focuses on safe, secure, environmentally sound and cost-effective activities that support nuclear power, including the fuel cycle, waste management, decommissioning of nuclear installations and environmental remediation; access to and operation of research reactors; and waste management strategies and technologies covering all activities that generate radioactive waste, including disused sealed radioactive sources. Read more →

  • IAEA

    Research Reactor Section

    The Section assists Member States in every step of a research reactor’s life cycle, including developing the nuclear infrastructure needed for the facility’s safe and secure construction, operation and utilization. On request, it helps Member States  reduce the amount of highly enriched uranium used in their research reactors. Read more →

  • IAEA

    Waste Technology Section

    This Section supports Member States to find and apply safe, prompt and cost-effective solutions to manage all forms of radioactive waste resulting from the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear applications. It fosters technology transfer and promotes information exchange across all aspects of decommissioning, radioactive waste management and environmental remediation. Read more →

  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle

    Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Section

    This Section helps Member States develop responsible uranium production, improve nuclear fuel performance and safety, manage spent fuel through long-term storage, reprocessing and recycling, and develop new fuels and fuel cycles for innovative nuclear reactors. It also offers support for the safe operation and improvement of fuel fabrication facilities. Read more →


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