Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Section

This Section helps Member States develop responsible uranium production, improve nuclear fuel performance and safety, manage spent fuel through long-term storage, reprocessing and recycling, and develop new fuels and fuel cycles for innovative nuclear reactors. It also offers support for the safe operation and improvement of fuel fabrication facilities.

Uranium production

The Section provides technical advice and up-to-date information on the status of world uranium resources, production and projections of uranium demands. It supports Member States that are developing uranium production activities, but do not have an adequate technological infrastructure, in applying the best practices available and appropriate to their circumstances. 

Nuclear power reactor fuel engineering

The Section assists interested Member States in organizing research and development programmes by transferring information and sharing experiences in the areas of fuel research and development, design and manufacturing, as well as in-reactor behavior and the operational experience associated with fuel.

Management of spent nuclear fuel

By using information and guidance provided by the IAEA, the Agency’s Member States can improve their capabilities to plan, develop and implement a safe, environmentally viable and efficient spent fuel management. The Section promotes technologies and strategies for spent fuel management and provides technical guidance on good practices for the long-term storage of spent fuel. 

Advanced fuel cycles

Using projection scenarios and the latest knowledge, the Section helps Member States develop fuel cycles and technologies, such as recycling, for advanced and innovative reactors.

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