Waste Technology Section

This Section supports Member States to identify and apply safe, prompt and cost effective solutions to manage all forms of radioactive waste resulting from the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear applications. In close coordination with other IAEA programmes, it fosters technology and knowledge transfer, the adoption of sound policies and strategies, and promotes information exchange, with the aim of building Member States' capacity in all aspects of radioactive waste management.

Management and disposal of radioactive waste

The Section assists Member States across the full range of radioactive waste management topics. This includes predisposal management, such as the characterization of radioactive waste inventories, waste minimization, and the selection of technical options for waste processing and storage. The Section supports the development of consistent policies and strategies, along with suitable technical solutions for all types of radioactive waste disposal programmes.

Disused sealed radioactive sources

The Section helps Member States to improve their capabilities in managing disused sealed radioactive sources. It assists with the implementation of safe and cost effective technologies for recovering, conditioning, storing, recycling, repatriating and disposing of such sources.

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