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Integrated Review Service for Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management, Decommissioning and Remediation (ARTEMIS)

ARTEMIS is an integrated expert peer review service for radioactive waste and spent fuel management, decommissioning and remediation programmes. This service is intended for facility operators and organizations responsible for radioactive waste management, as well as for regulators, national policy and other decision-makers.

ARTEMIS reviews provide independent expert opinion and advice, drawn from an international team of specialists convened by the IAEA. Reviews are based on the IAEA safety standards, technical guidance and international good practices.

ARTEMIS reviews offer many benefits to the Member State and its organizations:

  • Improved organizational performance;
  • Enhanced safety, optimized operations and reduced costs;
  • Improved transparency and stakeholder confidence, including with the general public; and
  • Strengthened credibility of decision-making processes from expert technical and programme perspectives.

ARTEMIS is available to Member State organizations, facilities and activities involving radioactive waste or spent fuel management, radiological impact assessments for human health and the environment, the management of residues arising from uranium production as well as the decommissioning and remediation of sites contaminated by radioactive materials. Both government and private sector entities can call upon this service, which is also available to international organizations.

The scope of ARTEMIS reviews vary according to the needs of the requesting organization or facility, spanning national frameworks, regulatory systems and specific aspects of national programmes. Reviews may involve detailed assessments and technical advice on the implementation of specific programmes and project activities, with an emphasis on technology, on safety, or both.

ARTEMIS review missions are comprised of meetings, interviews, site visits and document reviews, as necessary. Observations, preliminary findings and recommendations are provided to the Member State in a draft review report for clarifications and fact-checking before a final approved report is delivered. The recipient entity remains fully responsible for all ensuing decisions and actions. The final review report, unless otherwise requested by the Member State, is made public three months after delivery. 

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