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Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources Technical Centres Peer Review Service (DSRS-TeC)

DSRS-TeC is an expert service provided by the IAEA to bolster the assessment of current practices in the management of disused sealed radioactive sources (DSRSs), and to contribute to the sustainability of support activities as well as the continuous enhancement of these practices in the long term. It is designed to offer an independent international assessment and evaluation of DSRS management strategies and programmes, with a focus on topics related to the pre-disposal management of Category 3 to 5 DSRSs.

The peer review is designed to assist Member State organizations and institutions tasked with handling DSRSs, helping to enhance Member States’ operational standards and the performance of their DSRS management activities.

The scope of the DSRS-TeC peer review covers all agreed upon operational aspects related to the management of Category 3 to 5 DSRSs, from the time the sources are declared as disused up to disposal, including collection, characterization, conditioning, transport, and storage. Mission activities include hands-on demonstrations and site visits.  

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