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Transport Safety Appraisal Services (TranSAS)

The Transport Safety Appraisal Service (TranSAS) reviews the implementation of transport regulations to enable Member States to achieve a high level of safety in the transport of radioactive material. The Service provides recommendations for improvement where appropriate.

The TranSAS assists countries in their work to improve regulatory programmes and processes for transport safety.
The service is modular and may include:

  • Legislative and governmental responsibilities;
  • Regulatory body responsibilities and functions;
  • Regulatory body organization;
  • Regulatory body activities;
  • Emergency preparedness for transport;
  • Maritime transport; and
  • Air transport.

The service results in a final report that contains recommendations and suggestions for improvement in areas where these would be beneficial. The report also notes good practices identified during the mission. It is confidential and shared only with host country authorities, unless they request a wider distribution. Host country authorities decide whether and how to implement any of the report’s recommendations.

The TranSAS is compatible with the transport module of the Integrated Regulatory Review Service, but extends beyond regulatory infrastructure and reviews the entire safety infrastructure related to transport. The TranSAS can be conducted as a follow-up to an IRRS, or as a stand-alone mission. It can be preceded by an assessment made using the IAEA tool Self-Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructure for Safety, which enables regulatory bodies to conduct a targeted  review of national infrastructure with respect to transport.
The service takes into account the current status of development of the host country’s regulatory programme for transport safety and the complexity of its transport industry and transport regulations as well as the number of shipments of radioactive material.

Transporting radioactive material usually involves multiple regulators. Therefore requests for the TranSAS are made at governmental level to ensure that all regulatory bodies concur.

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