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Independent Engineering Review of I&C Systems (IERICS)

IERICS is a peer review of instrumentation and control (I&C) design documents, prototype I&C systems and those already deployed in operating nuclear power plants. It is applicable at any stage of the life cycle of nuclear power plants’ I&C systems and can be requested by organizations in Member States.

IERICS reviews assess in detail the design approach, principles and procedures of the development process of the system under review. They also identify existing or potential issues or concerns related to the design, operation and licensing procedures, and provide recommendations to address these issues.

The reviews highlight good practices that could benefit other organizations, including nuclear utilities, regulatory bodies, design organizations and technical support organizations. They facilitate the exchange of experiences and international expert discussions on the organization’s practices.

IERICS missions typically comprise a team of international experts from different technical areas who complement each other. Their review is based, among others, on the IAEA Safety Standards and Nuclear Energy Series publications. 

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