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Knowledge Management Assist Visit (KMAV)

KMAV is an integrated service designed to assist Member States in maintaining and preserving knowledge in nuclear organizations. KMAV reviews established knowledge management practices of a respective nuclear organization and provides expert advice on further improvement. This mission is intended for various nuclear organizations such as nuclear power plant stations, research and development facilities, regulatory authorities, and academic institutions.

Upon official request from a Member State, KMAV helps to develop and maintain appropriate technical expertise throughout the nuclear facility life cycle. An international team of specialists formed by the IAEA provides an expert opinion and advice, based on the IAEA standards, technical guidance and international good practices.

The service can be provided through three different levels, depending on an organization’s needs in area of knowledge management:

LEVEL 1 (Knowledge Management Awareness and Orientation) is intended for organizations with a very basic level of KM programme or lacking of such programme to provide an introduction to KM fundamentals and help establish strategy, policy and identify gaps and areas for improvement. 

LEVEL 2 (Knowledge Management Implementation and Roll-Out) is intended for organizations that have identified its KM goals and need further assistance in the implementation of KM tools and techniques, and possibly enhance management support. 

LEVEL 3 (Knowledge Management Expert Assistance) is the level of intervention that includes specialized training, coaching and mentoring activities and provides high level, specialist assistance in targeted KM areas. It is intended for organizations that are already running advanced KM programmes, but need hands-on assistance to help overcome specific technical or implementation issues.   

In cases where more advanced consultancy services are sought by counterparts, the KMAV approach can be more focused, practical or training based to meet organizational objectives.

Upon request from a Member State and depending on the level of evolution of an organization’s knowledge management programme, the IAEA offers KMAV missions focused on specific areas of knowledge at a detailed level.   

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