School of Nuclear Knowledge Management

This school offers a certificate course that provides participants with specialized education and training on the development and implementation of nuclear knowledge management programmes in nuclear science and technology organizations. 

Nuclear knowledge management is a key factor in ensuring the safe operation of existing nuclear facilities, and the effective application of current knowledge in the development of innovative approaches for the nuclear industry. The School of Nuclear Knowledge Management targets young professionals from the nuclear field that have, or may have in the future, a lead role in managing nuclear knowledge. It offers a high-quality, intensive education and training on the implementation of nuclear knowledge management. Teaching staff include some of the most renowned specialists in the field.

The School explores various dimensions of nuclear knowledge management, such as processes and tools, challenges and benefits, the influence of organizational culture, the relationship with human resource development, and the use of information technology for knowledge preservation and sharing.

Main topics include:

  • Nuclear knowledge and knowledge management fundamentals
  • Developing policies and strategies in managing nuclear knowledge
  • Managing nuclear information resources
  • Human resource development, risk of knowledge loss and knowledge transfer
  • Practical guidance and best practices

Learning is supplemented with real-life examples, good practices and lessons learned from nuclear knowledge management programmes in different types of nuclear organizations. The aim is to encourage forward thinking and to enable participants to apply the learned theory and gained insights directly in their workplace.


  1. Employment
  2. Women
  3. Press

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