International School on Nuclear and Radiological Leadership for Safety

The International School on Nuclear and Radiological Leadership for Safety is a training course that supports governments in their work to foster leadership for safety and safety culture by helping early to mid-career professionals to develop their safety leadership potential. It does this through improving their understanding of what leadership means in practice in nuclear and radiological working environments with their inherent complexities and often competing considerations.


The Leadership School’s curriculum is based on the IAEA safety standards. It contributes to global nuclear and radiological safety by strengthening capacity-building efforts.

The Leadership School examines safety leadership in both normal and emergency scenarios, and it includes an element of nuclear security. Its programme is based on case studies, with participants analysing and interacting in scenarios that involve topics such as unintended medical exposure, a nuclear power plant outage, and leaks of radioactive materials.

The programme also includes presentations, briefings, interactive activities, individual study, in-class group work, and discussions.

Key facts: the Leadership School…

  • is for early to mid-career nuclear professionals;
  • aims to develop the potential of leadership for safety;
  • includes theoretical elements intertwined with a practical component;
  • aims to strengthen participants’ ability to apply the IAEA safety standards;
  • is a very intensive and interactive training;
  • is  tailored to the participants’ background and the regional specificities;
  • can be adapted to last one or two weeks, and short, 2 – 3-day demonstrations are also available;
  • can be held at both the national and regional level;
  • can be delivered in a face-to-face or virtual format.

Participation and Registration

Participants need to be designated by an IAEA Member State or be members of organisations that have been invited to attend.

Please contact us should you have any questions.

History of the Leadership Schools

The school started as a pilot programme held in France in 2017 and it was subsequently extended to other regions where numerous junior and mid-career professionals have participated.

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