School of Radiation Emergency Management

The school, conducted since 2015, is designed to strengthen national, regional and international capacity to respond to nuclear and radiological incidents and emergencies, regardless of whether they arise from accident, negligence or deliberate act.

Professionals working in the management and coordination of nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness and response may be faced with an array of complex issues when reacting to an emergency situation. The School of Radiation Emergency Management teaches how to implement arrangements under the international framework of nuclear and radiological EPR. Students learn the basic elements of preparedness and response to nuclear and radiological emergencies, including emergency management systems, protective actions, public communications and international arrangements in EPR.

The school’s target audience is qualified professionals from organizations involved in emergency preparedness and response.

The school has been designed by the IEC to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of EPR with regard to nuclear and radiological emergencies, based on IAEA Safety Standards and guidelines. This includes lectures, practical sessions, field and tabletop exercises, site visits and frequent discussions between participants and lecturers. The school offers a platform to share experience among the participants, who represent a variety of response organizations.

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