School of Drafting Regulations on Nuclear Safety and Security

The IAEA provides assistance to Member States on drafting radiation safety and nuclear security regulations in line with the IAEA safety standards and nuclear security guidance.

The IAEA School of Drafting Regulations helps Member States identify gaps and draft and revise their national nuclear and radiation safety regulations. Through workshops and online modules, participants learn how to develop regulations within national legislative frameworks. The School offers five standard programmes for each major safety area, as well as extended programmes that combine radiation safety and nuclear security of radioactive material, in several official United Nations languages.

The courses above follow the School of Drafting Regulations methodology, which was developed with the support of the IAEA Peaceful Uses Initiative. Specific programmes have been organized and funded through IAEA technical assistance mechanisms, such as the IAEA technical cooperation programme and the Regulatory Infrastructure Development Projects.

Drafting Computer Security Regulations

The pilot school on Drafting Computer Security Regulations was held in Germany, December 2023. (Photo:  N. Trent/IAEA)

To assist in the development and implementation of computer security regulations and provide comprehensive guidance that can be integrated into a country’s regulatory framework, this programme focuses on seven key computer security regulation elements: computer security programme; identification of functions, systems, and sensitive digital assets; risk management; protecting system functions against compromise; change control and configuration management; supply chain management; and incident response.

A follow-up training for computer security inspectors to verify and validate compliance to computer security regulations is recommended.

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