School of Nuclear Energy Management

School of Nuclear Energy Management


The growth of nuclear energy and technology creates a continually expanding need for a global cadre of highly competent nuclear professionals with appropriate technical and managerial skills. The IAEA runs the School of Nuclear Energy Management to help Member States build future leadership in managing nuclear energy programmes.

The School targets young professionals who show promise as future leaders in all areas of the nuclear sector, including in industry, research organizations, academia and the public sector. It is particularly appropriate for professionals in newcomer countries that plan to develop nuclear power programmes or are in the process of doing so.

The School offers a two-week course covering all major nuclear sector issues. The course focuses on the specific complexities and challenges of nuclear technology and its safe management within the nuclear sector from an international perspective. It addresses topics such as reactor technologies, nuclear liability, nuclear safety, the nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear waste, nuclear security and safeguards. 

The course is designed to provide a broad coverage of the issues that need to be tackled in the nuclear sector and to help participants understand the situation in their own countries within a global context. Participants of each Nuclear Energy Management School interact with and learn from some of the best specialists in the nuclear industry and from the IAEA.


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