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Nuclear Education Networks

Networking in nuclear education allows for the effective use of educational resources. Valuable experiences and best practices, as well as educational materials and tools, can be shared through meaningful regional and interregional cooperation. The IAEA promotes partnerships among nuclear education and training institutions across the globe. It has directly fostered regional educational networks in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. To further support exchange and discussion among educational networks, the IAEA has also established dedicated forums.

The collaboration within and among educational networks contributes to the promotion, management and preservation of nuclear knowledge, and helps to ensure that talented and qualified human resources are available for the safe and sustainable use of nuclear technology. 

The networks also promote cooperation between academia, government and industry, and foster quality assurance, benchmarking and accreditation, as well as resource sustainability.

Through meetings and technical cooperation projects, the IAEA offers support to the following educational networks:

These IAEA fostered networks have strong collaboration with other educational networks, including the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), the UK Nuclear Technology Education Consortium (NTEC), the Belgium Nuclear Higher Education Network (BNEN, SCK•CEN) and the University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE).

The IAEA fostered networks have created an ENER connect platform dedicated to promoting collaborative opportunities in education across the regions, particularly through the organisation of educational events such as webinars, podcasts and live events, designed to share knowledge, and introduce experts, scholars, students, and engineers to their global peers.

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