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International Nuclear Security Advisory Service (INSServ)

International Nuclear Security Advisory Service (INSServ)


INSServ helps Member States review the general status of measures that protect against nuclear terrorism and identify ways to improve a broad spectrum of nuclear security activities.

Peer reviews and advisory services are the IAEA’s main tool to help Member States assess their nuclear security needs. INSServ serves as a flexible mechanism to help identify a State’s broad nuclear security infrastructure requirements and the measures needed to meet them.                                

INSServ missions aim at identifying the broadest nuclear security needs, including measures against illicit trafficking, and to control and secure radioactive sources. They also have the objective to jointly develop, together with the requesting State, an Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan to delineate and prioritize the major nuclear security activities that need to be implemented, and to provide guidance or identify assistance in taking further actions.

An INSServ mission concludes with a confidential report that, once agreed by the requesting State, serves as the basis for nuclear security cooperation between the IAEA and the State. It reviews both overall and specific needs of States to strengthen their capacity to prevent, detect and respond to nuclear terrorism.

A State can either request a complete INSServ mission or specific, flexible modules. The Service can be tailored to address a general overview of the nuclear security infrastructure in a State or specific areas of interest.


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