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Integrated Safety Assessment of Research Reactors (INSARR)

INSARR is an objective, comprehensive peer review of the safety of research reactors against IAEA safety standards and provides recommendations for safety improvements.

INSARR reviews can provide an initial safety assessment of a reactor project considering design and siting aspects; a safety reassessment of a research reactor in respect to current IAEA safety standards; and an evaluation of ageing management programmes and long-term operation processes of the research reactor facility as part of life cycle management, especially when deciding to operate the research reactor beyond its original design life.

These reviews are conducted by a team of international, multidisciplinary experts with direct experience in the areas of review. Performance assessments are made on the basis of IAEA safety standards and other IAEA publications, as well as the combined expertise of the international review team.

The review teams provide recommendations and suggestions for improvement, review the host facility’s good practices, and exchange technical experience and practices at the working level aimed at strengthening the programmes, procedures and practices being followed. INSARR missions are carried out through interviewing personnel, reviewing documentation and conducting field visits.

Typically, the missions last approximately one to two weeks and include a review of the research reactor facility safety documents, observation of facility conditions and operating practices, technical discussions, review of good practices and knowledge-sharing. At the end of the mission, the INSARR team prepares a draft report for the facility management to review and complete.

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