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Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR)

INIR is a holistic peer review to assist Member States in assessing the status of their national infrastructure for the introduction of nuclear power. The review covers the comprehensive infrastructure required for developing a safe, secure and sustainable nuclear power programme.

Upon request from a Member State, the IAEA conducts an INIR mission, which consists of a team of international experts, who have direct experience in specialized nuclear infrastructure areas, and IAEA staff. Before receiving an INIR Mission, the country must complete a self-evaluation of the 19 nuclear power infrastructure issues included in the IAEA’s “Milestones” approach, a comprehensive methodology that guides countries and organizations to work in a systematic way towards the introduction of nuclear power.

INIR missions enable IAEA Member State representatives to have in-depth discussions with international experts about experiences and best practices in nuclear power infrastructure development. Recommendations and suggestions are provided in a report to the Member State, enabling it to update its national action plan accordingly. By providing a comprehensive assessment of all facets of a nuclear power programme, spanning the regulatory body, utility and all relevant Government stakeholders involved, INIR is a valuable tool to ensure that the infrastructure required for the safe, secure and sustainable use of nuclear power is developed and implemented in a responsible and orderly manner.

INIR missions in Member States

In 2009, the IAEA conducted the first INIR Mission to a country embarking on the use of nuclear power. Since then, INIR missions for the different phases of developing a nuclear power programme were hosted by the following Member States:

Bangladesh, Belarus, Egypt, Estonia, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, the PhilippinesPoland, Saudi Arabia, Sri LankaSudan, Thailand, Türkiye, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates, UzbekistanViet Nam and South Africa (an operating country). Press releases on recent INIR missions can be found here.

Mission reports

According to the revised Guidance on Preparing and Conducting INIR Missions (Rev. 2, 2017), the IAEA will publish the INIR mission report 90 days after delivery to the Member State on its website, unless the country requests the IAEA in writing not to do so.

The following reports are currently available: 

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